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Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is not only illegal, but can also cause severe accidents that harm innocent individuals. Every year, hundreds of people are killed and thousands injured needlessly by drunk drivers in the state of Wisconsin. Not only do the responsible drunk drivers have to face potential criminal charges, but they may also be forced to face civil charges when a victim chooses to bring a personal injury lawsuit against them. These kinds of lawsuits help a person victimized by a drunk driver recover from the financial, physical, and emotional consequences of the accident.

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Wisconsin OWI Statistics

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has some of the highest percentages of drunk drivers and injuries caused by drunk driving in the United States. The following are some statistics about drunk driving in Wisconsin:

  • Over 26% of drivers surveyed in Wisconsin admitted to drunk driving in the past year
  • In the last year, over 44,000 drunk driving convictions were made
  • In 2009, drunk driving accidents injured 4,000 people and killed 238
  • 45% of all fatal car accidents in Wisconsin were alcohol related in 2009

If you have been the tragic victim of a drunk driver, you may be suffering from physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial burdens that were unduly forced upon you. Get the help you likely deserve today by contacting a qualified attorney.

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