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Noriko Uno case against Toyota begins

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The wrongful death trial of Noriko Uno, who was killed in 2009 after her Camry suddenly accelerated unintentionally, and which is being used as the bellwether trial to determine if Toyota should be held liable for the defect began on Monday, July 22.

The trial that is expected to last for two months will focus on the absence of a device that is used to control sudden acceleration by stopping the car when brake and gas pedals are stepped on simultaneously. As the bellwether case, the outcome of this trial will help to predict possible results of other lawsuits making the same or similar claims.

Claimants are arguing that a defect in the electronic throttle control system is causing the sudden acceleration of the vehicle, while Toyota claimed Uno’s Camry had an advanced braking system and denied a defect being responsible for the crash.

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