Tractor Overturns

It is easy to assume that the most dangerous part of working in agriculture would be the machinery containing sharp, large blades, but the biggest offender is one that is much less obvious. Farm workers are far more likely to be killed by a tractor overturn than a deadly blade.

In fact, tractor overturns are the number one cause of on the job fatalities among agriculture workers. Tractors are difficult to operate and often must be driven over very uneven terrain. They are also incredibly heavy. A farm worker can be driving a tractor just as he or she does everyday when an overturn occurs and the tractor crushes the driver.

Tractor Safety Factors

One of the reason overturns are so deadly is because drivers rarely wear seatbelts while driving tractors. This seems to make sense because there are not other cars or road hazards when driving a tractor on a farm. But the lack of road hazards provides a false sense of security that can prove to be deadly.

Rollover Protective Structures

There have been a number of movements pushing for additional safety devices on tractors in an attempt to reduce the number of rollover accidents. But despite the fact that very effective rollover protective structures for tractors now exist, less than 60 percent of farm tractors use them.

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