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Identifying a Reckless Driver for a Case

Many people know what typical behaviors of reckless drivers include: speeding, tailgating, running red lights and stop signs, and generally endangering themselves and others with careless driving. There are some indicators of a reckless driver that could be a signal that the driver is not paying as careful attention to traffic laws and he or she should. Understanding these signs might help an injured person better describe, in detail, the behavior of the driver who caused him or her injury and, thus, help them in a legal claim.

If you have suddenly found yourself injured by a reckless driver, you might actually be owed financial compensation from that driver to cover any costs or losses that are related to the accident. Contact the experienced Wausau personal injury lawyers of  Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® by calling 800-242-2874.

Common Behavioral Signs of Reckless Driving

Beyond knowing the specific traffic law that was violated by a reckless driver, there are some behaviors that you can use to identify a driver who was behaving recklessly, such as:

  • Swerving between lanes
  • Coasting through stops without changing speed
  • Slowly veering into oncoming traffic lanes
  • Overcorrection

All of these behaviors could demonstrate that a driver is reckless and may be putting himself and others in danger. People that such a driver injures might, however, have the opportunity to seek recourse through legal action.

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If you or someone you care about has been hit by a reckless driver, you might be eligible to receive financial compensation. Contact an experienced Wausau personal injury attorney of  Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 800-242-2874 to discuss your situation and determine whether the other driver truly was acting recklessly.